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A complete line-up for adding value to our customers'' manufacturing practices. Product Development Concepts. Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes. Cincom. Especially suited for machining long, thin pieces, and compatible with bar material supply from zero to ø 32 mm. Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes.

Howa Machinery, Ltd.

Howa Machinery, Ltd. About Us. Our Products. Investor Relations. Contact Us. Delivering products underpinned by solid technologies that are paving the way for the future. Satisfying expectations for new technologies, while offering the best-available products in the field of mechanical engineering. Providing a host of novel technologies based ...


2021-11-8 · FUJI Webinar 2021 will be held on October 26 (Tuesday) and November 8 (Monday). 2021.09.27. Renewal of exhibits at Fuji headquarters showroom. 2021.09.16. Notice of Application for Selection of New Market Segment "Prime Market". 2021.08.17. Notice regarding selection as a constituent of JPX-Nikkei Index 400.


2021-11-25 · Sep. 30, 2021 Product Info. Expanded lineup of AquaREVO Series and the release of ZT-forming Taps. July 29, 2021 Product Info. Expanded lineup of energy-saving solenoid valve "SS/SA-G01-40". June 3, 2021 Information. Environmental Report 2021 was published. Apr. 23, 2021 Product Info. Expanded lineup of "AquaREVO Series" and "Hyper Z Tap Series".

About Us|TOK, Inc.

2021-9-13 · TOK, Inc. was established in 1938 and has been the world leader in designing mechanical and motion technologies of Plastic Bearing for more than 50 years. We produce various TOK bearings, clutches, dampers, geared motors, and torque limiters for use in a wide range of industries and, among other things, furniture, electric appliances, office ...

Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery, Inc.

2021-9-8 · Mitsubishi Corporation Machinery, Inc. is company which construction and providing after-sales services for large-scale power plants, power transmission facilities, industrial infrastructure such as oil, gas, chemical and steel plants, social infrastructure such as airports and transportation systems, and the import of defense-related systems and civilian helicopters.

HIRATA Corporation

Hirata manufactures and sells production systems according to customers'' demands in a variety of industrial fields including automobiles, semiconductors, panel manufacturing equipment, and home appliances. We, as a system intergrator of production equipment, will continue to challenge technology and know-how accumulated through this diversified ...


IR Company Report by Walden Research Japan Incorporated. 07.05. IR Company Report by Walden Research Japan Incorporated. 06.04. IR Notice of the 47th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. 05.24. IR Company Report by Walden Research Japan Incorporated. 02.17. IR Company Report by Walden Research Japan Incorporated.


2019-3-29 · KOJIMA IRON WORKS CO., LTD. 155, Kenzaki-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma, Japan 370-0883 TEL:+81-(0)27-343-1511

Comco Corporation

Challenging the possibilities of manufacturing. World-class manufacturing country, Japan. That is supported by the world-best technologies and production equipment. COMCO machines incorporate world-class Japanese industrial technology with our own COMCO innovation to …

Ushio Inc.

2021-11-8 · Through development of new light sources and proprietary optical technology, Ushio extends the use of light technology beyond the realm of illumination, to use as energy for applications in industry and leading edge scientific technology, thereby contributing to the birth of many products that have gone on to become top share holders in the world market.


TEL +48 607 39 8855. Czech. Kitagawa Europe Czech Office. Brno, Czech Republic. TEL +420 603 856 122. Romania. Kitagawa Europe Romania Office. Bucharest, Romania. TEL +40 727 770 329.


ZUIKO continuously develops solutions and technologies to meet the needs and demands of an ever changing hygiene market. Learn about the latest technologies that can help you produce better products today. Zuiko Technology. Converting Machine FAQ.

Product Information | Denka Company Limited

The content below provides physicians and other healthcare professionals in Japan with information about vaccines, in-vitro diagnostic medicine and other clinical reagents. This is not intended to provide information to the general public or healthcare professionals in other countries.


2021-6-10 · NICHIRIN CO.,LTD. is an independent manufacturer of various hoses, such as hoses for automobiles and motorcycle brakes, car air conditioners, as well as for house equipment.

Company Information | SHINCRON Co.,Ltd.

2021-7-13 · Company Information | SHINCRON Co.,Ltd. SHINCRON is a maker of vacuum thin film deposition equipment and is involved in research/development, as well as sales and support services. Research, development, design, production, sales and engineering services for vacuum thin film deposition equipment and related key components. Name. Shincron Co.,Ltd.

Leading Japanese Snack Machine Maker

N.P. & Company, Inc. 3/F Uno Bldg., No. 4-14, Tokuicho 2-Chome, Chuo-ku. Osaka, Japan. Tel No: +81-6-6941-8837 Fax No: +81-6-6941-8867 Email: [email protected]


2020-6-29 · Since company''s inception in 1979 as machine manufacturer we have provided snack production machinery ( Extruder, Steam cooking line, Dryer, Fryer, Roaster, Pop Chips, etc. ) and snack product R&D service to customers in over 30 nations. It''s been our great pleasure to serve both start-up companies seeking production know-how and major players seeking efficient operation alike.

Ito Japan

Ito Corporation is the largest company within Ito Group and focuses on supplying our partners with the best technology and service that Japan has to offer. Our core commitment to do things right the first time is our own take on the twin Japanese traditions of responsibility and pride.


4. From each machine to total automation, contact us freely. 9:00~17:00: phone available. 06-6489-1202 (Head Sales Office) Please contact.

Precision Machinery Division | Seiko Instruments Inc.

2021-9-14 · Seiko Instruments Inc., Precision Machinery Division. Our time-honored technologies, accumulated from decades of precision wristwatch production, satisfy complex application requirements, ranging in size from micron-level to palm size.


As a top leading company of the domestic market, our metal printing machines and metal coating machines boast a share of approximately 98% of the Japanese markets, and our rotogravure printing machines and laminators boast approximately 60% of the domestic market. Strength. 02. Custom-made orders. Our products are all custom-made, and a single ...

Luxonus Inc.

2021-11-4 · Luxonus Inc. is a company which uses the new principles of photoacoustic technology to develop image diagnostic devices which can provide super-high-resolution 3D imaging of blood vessels and lymph vessels safely and easily without using …

Tiger International, Inc.

Andy Pachota President Best Block Company — From the TG-3 concrete products machine, to the pallet and rack handling system, through our two TSP-12 splitters we have, the performance of these TIGER machines has exceeded our expectations. They have given us the quality and speed we are seeking. Just as impressive has been the coordination and effort of your installation and service team.

Heat Treatment Processing Business | DOWA Thermotech …

Leading the heat treatment industry based on heat treatment technologies developed over many years. Based on gas atmosphere furnace technologies developed over many years as well as strict quality controls, we have receive authorized factory …


2019-11-21 · A New Hybrid Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine Featuring Improved Workability and Operability by Its Low-Profile Structure Now Available to Order. 2019.4.26. Nissei''s Subsidiary in India Opened a New Branch Office in Chennai. …


Company name: Nissei Plastic Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Location: 300/70 Moo 1, Tambon Tasit, Amphur Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand (Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate) TEL: +66-38-950-562 FAX: +66-38-950-565 Founded: May 2012 Capital: 280 million Thai baht Business lineup: Manufacture and sales of injection molding machines Site area ...

Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation

2021-7-28 · Sakurai Graphic Systems is a printing press manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells screen printing press, offset printing press, and printing-related equipment.